Claims – We're onto it

We’re onto it.


At Youi, we believe that whatever type or size of claim you’re dealing with, it’s your crisis; your personal disaster. It’s the thing that turns your life upside down. Maybe just for a few days or for the weeks and months to come. Our job is to get onto it and to get it sorted.

Because we see you as an individual, we give your unique claim the focus and attention it deserves. It’s our people, and the process we follow, that make a real difference. That turn things around for you, and get you back on your feet as quickly as possible.

Claims sorted:
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Our Claims Process

No matter how big or small it is, we’ll treat your claim with the utmost importance. Our 5-step process applies for when you have a claim for damage to your insured property. We’ll provide the same level of care and support every time.


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The first point of contact, by phone, or online 24/7.


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Reviewing the scope of work and the next steps with you.


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Getting everything in order to give you a decision on your claim.


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Once authorised, stay on top of things using our Claims Tracker.


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Repair, replacement or cash settlement to finalise the claim.


If you have any other questions about what you’re covered for, please take a look at your policy schedule and PDS.

We’re ready to deal with any size claim.



During big events, our claims team can increase by up to 45% within 12 hours so all claims, big and small, can continue to be taken care of.



We’ve got assessors permanently located in 10 regions across Australia, so we can quickly respond, getting people on the ground with local know-how.



We’re committed to listening and treating our clients as individuals. Probably why we’ve achieved an overall customer claims satisfaction level of 94%*. *Based on Youi customer service feedback and internal data collection, accurate as at 6th July 2020.

We’re on standby and on point.

Like any good disaster response service, we put you first. That’s why we’ve scoured our business to find the most compassionate and efficient people to deal with you when you need it most. Our crew of Claims Advisors, Managers and Assessors are highly-skilled and highly-trained, ready to do whatever it takes to get onto your claim.

We’re onto it.
So you can
be too.

As well as our people, you’ve got access to some amazing tools to help you know where your claim’s at. Like our online Claims Tracker. It’ll help you stay up to date with the status of your claim anytime, anywhere, so you’ll always know what’s happening.

out there
when it

Our specially-equipped claims response vehicles are prepped and ready to hit the road at a moment’s notice. When a big event strikes, our Mobile Assistance Centre (MAC) can be set up in communities, with Claims Advisors to help clients get things sorted when it’s needed most. And our Mobile Content Unit (MCU) will be there to capture and communicate the important stories, to provide updates and raise awareness of the situation unfolding.