Jason – Claims

Jason's storm damage claim.

Jason — 33 — Melbourne

I was supposed to be going on tour around the country with my band, but now I’m house bound and only allowed outside for essentials. This whole thing has made me more determined than ever to make it as a musician.

The pandemic has meant lots of things to lots of people. To some, it’s meant nothing more than a chance to breathe and slow down. To others, it’s meant a complete reset. Jason was, for better or worse, of the latter category. COVID spelled uncertainty, so after spending 28 years in the data communications game, he found himself being let go. He needed to step back, re-evaluate his situation, and reorganise his finances. Which brought him to his car insurance.

“I’d already had Youi for my home and primary vehicle. When COVID happened and everything went crazy, I thought it was time to try and have a look at my spending. To try and get my savings to last me as long as possible with the money I had.”

“I’d just gotten a letter from my current insurer who’d actually raised their prices. So I gave Youi a call and got a quote on the Subaru. I explained my situation and everything. They knew I was already with them on some things. They came back with a massive decrease, so I just thought, why not?”

When he joined Youi, Jason saved $540 on his Subaru.

“I thought that, being that it’s a modified vehicle, I didn’t have a chance in saving very much, if anything. So it was definitely a great thing to hear the guy on the other line saying I could save so much.”

But then, by choosing to pay his premium annually, Jason found he could save even more with Youi. On top of the $540 he’d already saved, he could save another $93.

“Yep, I was very happy about that. Very helpful.”

And that’s not the only good experience he’s had with Youi. In fact, there’s been a few. He said he had to make a claim on his house recently, and loved that he could handle most of it online and on the app. The times he did speak to Youi about the claim, they were nothing but friendly and helpful, ‘like real people’. Further to that, when Jason’s fiancé moved in, changing the policy was easy: just a few clicks on the app and they’re away.

The savings meant more than just a bit of more money to spend. Now stuck between jobs and with so much uncertainty floating around, the extra savings gave him more confidence to enjoy the quiet period.

“Cookie, the dachshund, loved it. She was getting heaps of walks, heaps more attention. More time at home with us. That was definitely a positive. Plus the chance to just chill out for a bit. Have a bit of quiet time. Catch up on sleep, catch up with friends online.”

“Yeah, that sort of thing. It was nice.”

There was another big change though. Jason, of all things, is also a racer. He races on water skis, being pulled behind a vintage 1976 timber water ski boat. And, as you can imagine, he loves it.

“Unfortunately, due to COVID, we couldn’t do that anymore. They would usually run down in Victoria. So that was that for us too. Yeah, a funny year.”

Jason’s in a new job now, a new industry altogether. Which has been a learning curve to say the least. But he’s looking forward to spending his savings, and getting back on the skis.