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Cara's hail
damage claim.

Cara — 24 — Halestorm

As things open up, I can feel life starting to get more hectic. But we’re trying to stay focused on staying local. It’s good for us, good for the community.

Cara was spending a good portion of her life in the car. When she wasn’t driving across state borders to drop off - or pick up - the kids, she was taking them to after school sports and weekend activities. When she wasn’t driving to her daily classes at university, she was on her way to her full time job. It wasn’t until everything stopped that she realised just how rushed her life was.

“We had a really busy schedule. It was all across the Gold Coast, we were working in Coomera, and our kids were going to school across the border in northern New South Wales. I was studying full time on campus, and when we went into lock down, everything halted. Our world just shrank, really.”

This gave them the breather they needed to stop and think. Re-evaluate how they were spending their time, what they were doing.

“We’re pretty adaptable people. We asked ourselves, ok what could happen, how do we prepare ourselves to be resilient.”

“We had to have a good hard think about what we were doing, and how we could bounce back.”

“It was very tricky time, amid so much uncertainty.”

But things started to come together. Plans were formed. With their new break on life, they used it wisely. Finding time for fun, to spend time together, and to get things in order.

“When we went into lock down, the kids came home, we all went online and I felt like we just had more time. We grew a vege garden. We lived locally, shopped locally. We were doing puzzles. We did the whole family lockdown thing. We’re lucky we live in such a beautiful place and could go to the parks and the beach. Everything we needed was local so yeah, it was nice.”

“When schools started to go back, I thought, there’s too much uncertainty. Too much going on. So we decided to move the kids to the local schools. And really live locally, and we’ve been enjoying that. We’ve now brought everything closer to home. We’ve all been loving it. The kids even ride themselves to school.”

Another thing it meant was that she was driving less. Which might account for her savings when she switched to Youi. Since joining, she’s saved $335.68 on her insurance.

“I’d been with my old insurer for a long time. When they sent me a letter telling me premiums were going up, I decided to shop around. I spoke to Youi, and it would’ve been silly to not go with them, the price was that good.”

So Cara’s new look on life has already paid off. She says she’s really enjoyed spending more time with family, keeping the shopping, the activities to within her local community, making sure she’s helping local business. The only problem now, she says, is making sure things stay that way.