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Danielle’s home didn’t stand a chance. It was directly in the path of an oncoming catastrophe – a storm that grew from nothing too severe, to something about to drop 15cm hailstones. It destroyed her roof in no time, then soaked through to the insulation. Ceilings collapsed and downlights were leaking.

Upon calling Youi to lodge her claim, Danielle had a make-safe organised for her roof and temporary accommodation organised for her and her son. We got onto Danielle’s claim and got her home back to normal as quickly as possible.

Watch her story to see how it played out.



Being a Saturday afternoon, Danielle was at a shopping centre, moseying through the stores enjoying a bit of retail therapy. Then she got a phone call from her teenage son. And everything changed.

Her home – about 40km away from the shopping centre – was being hit by a ferocious hailstorm. Her son was doing his best to minimise the damage, but it was near impossible to stem the flow.

Danielle made the mercy dash home, and was overwhelmed by what she saw.
“I never thought I would see hail that big. Never thought I would see hail driven into my garden that deep,” said Danielle.

Her brothers had come around to inspect the damage with her and to help clean up. Then things went from bad to worse.
“You could hear pop, pop, pop. And the next thing, my older brother said ‘run’. And as we ran, the ceiling collapsed.”

The home looked like it had been hit by a bomb. Holes through the roof, insulation and ceiling materials strewn all over furniture. Water and mess everywhere.

This is when Danielle called Youi for help. Her claims advisor, Cassie, got things moving. A make-safe was quickly organised to get the roof covered and, as the home was in a completely unliveable condition, temporary accommodation offered to Danielle and her son.

Within a few days, Youi assessor Rowan was on the scene at Danielle’s place. Working from room to room, inside and out, Rowan conducted a thorough assessment of the damage and was able to approve Danielle’s claim there and then.

Once builders’ quotes had been approved, the work got underway. First cab off the rank was a new roof, followed by internals, plastering, painting and flooring. Then came the furniture, appliances and other contents items.

Danielle’s advisors and assessors kept her updated at each stage, making sure she was aware of what was happening at all times.

With her home repaired and back to normal, Danielle said she’s looking forward to settling back in to a routine again, and not living out of a suitcase.

“When the event first occurred, I felt absolutely devastated. But now with all the support and care, I’m so happy because Youi has come through with everything for me.”

“It feels great to have my home back again.”